Statutory Limits

Your motorhome rental agreement provides you with basic statutory limits for liability and property damage. The table that follows displays the minimum financial responsibility or compulsory liability insurance limits for all the states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Canadian provinces.

The laws of all states express the requirements in terms of split limits. For example, if the chart shows "25/50/10", the law requires that the policy provide at least $25,000 for bodily injury to each person, $50,000 for all bodily injury, and $10,000 for property damage, each accident.

The insurance laws of some states also state the requirement in terms of a combined single limit. For example, if the chart shows "15/30/10 or 40", the law provides that a policy with a combined single limit of at least $40,000 will also satisfy the requirement. A combined single limit of $40,000 means that the insurance will pay up to $40,000 for all bodily injury and property damage arising out of each accident. The required limits for the Canadian provinces are expressed as combined single limits only.

State Limits

State Liability Limits
Alabama 25/50/25
Alaska 50/100/25
Arizona 15/30/10
Arkansas 25/50/25
California 15/30/5
Colorado 25/50/15
Connecticut 20/40/10
Delaware 15/30/10
Florida 10/20/10
Georgia 25/50/25
Hawaii 20/40/10
Idaho 25/50/15
Illinois 50/100/50
Indiana 25/50/10
Iowa 20/40/15
Kansas 25/50/10
Kentucky 25/50/10
Louisiana 15/30/25
Maine 50/100/25
Maryland 30/60/15
Michigan 20/40/10
Minnesota 30/60/10
Mississippi 25/50/25
Missouri 25/50/10
Montana 25/50/10
Nebraska 25/50/25
Nevada 15/30/10
New Hampshire 25/50/25
New Jersey 15/30/5
New Mexico 25/50/10
New York 25/50/10
North Carolina 30/60/25
North Dakota 25/50/25
Ohio 25/50/25
Oklahoma 25/50/25
Oregon 25/50/20
Pennsylvania 15/30/5
Rhode Island 25/50/25
South Carolina 25/50/25
South Dakota 25/50/25
Tennessee 25/50/15
Texas 30/60/25
Utah 25/65/15
Vermont 50/100/10
Virginia 25/50/20
Washington 25/50/10
West Virginia 20/40/10
Wisconsin 25/50/10
Wyoming 25/50/20