RV Rental Operations Manual

A Comprehensive Guide to the RV Rental Industry

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Over 140 Pages

Rental Forms and More!

The MBA RV Rental Manual has everything you need to get started in the RV Rental business.

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Learn tips and best practices from successful and profitable RV rental operators and other professionals with our RV Rental Manual.

It addresses every topic from rental pricing to legislation. With over 140 pages of rental forms in addition to helpful hints for your day-to-day operations, the MBA RV Rental Operations Manual is a must have resource to operate a successful RV Rental Business.

Included you will also find a Daily Use Manual which you can provide to your rental manager to use during day-to-day operations.

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Forms Available to Rental Operators

  • Rental Pricing & Determining Profitability
  • Marketing
  • Rental Staff
  • Booking Rentals
  • Check-Out Procedures
  • Check-In Procedures
  • Problem Vehicles & Problem Solving
  • RV Cleaning
  • Tire Safety
  • Conversion
  • Trailers
  • Legislation & State Rental Laws
  • Rental Agent Responsibilities
  • Reservations & Rental Qualifications
  • Methods of Payment
  • Scheduled Maintenance

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