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Trailer Liability Insurance for the Rental Customer

Renter Coverage: If you are renting a trailer directly from an RV owner or dealership insured by MBA Insurance and towing the trailer behind your own personal vehicle, you may be able to purchase the liability coverage for your rental trip.

By purchasing an insurance addendum, MBA Insurance extends coverage to you the Renter from the Rental Operator’s policy that you are renting from.

Purchase your insurance coverage today!

Be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Renter Operator’s Policy Number (6 digits)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (last 6 characters)
  • Rental Dates
  • Payment Information
Purchase Trailer Liability Rental Insurance

For supplemental liability, personal accident, and personal effects insurance, you can purchase this insurance coverage at:

Purchase Supplemental Liability Insurance

Trailer Supplemental Liability Insurance provided by MBA Insurance

Trailer Rental Tips: Avoid The Most Common Incidents While RV’ing

Safety First! Be sure to always ask questions to ensure you have a great experience and there are no surprises while operating your trailer rental.